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Child and Youth

Children Ages 6-11 $65 (45 min sessions)
Adolescents Ages 12-17 $75 (30 min sessions)
We offer a sliding scale for payment. Please call for more information.
Kids Running

A Safe Place for Your Child to Heal

MarSell’s services provided to children is psychotherapy focused on the emotional and psychological needs of the child. Like adults, there are times when children need the expertise of a psychotherapist and children’s therapy was developed to fill this need. Most parents raise the question of “What is children’s therapy?” once they realize there is a difference between adult and child psychotherapy. A therapist trained in psychotherapy with children/youth usually treat children/youth between the ages of 4 and 17, but these ages may vary based on credentials and expertise.

There are also some therapists specifically trained to work with adolescents. A children’s therapist is trained in the specific developmental needs of children and will be able to recognize indicators that a child may need some extra support. A child/youth therapist will be trained specifically on evidence-based treatment modalities for children and youth. These therapists will work with the child/youth to help the process and cope with emotions in similar ways that therapist support adults.​

Some children may also have some difficulty adjusting to life changes and other losses such as moving to a new neighborhood or school. A therapist can help a child cope with grief and loss therapy. Other children may experience challenges with their behavior or mood while other children may have difficulty interacting with peers and in other social situations. Children who may need support from a counselor may experience changes in mood, irritability, or they may sleep or eat more or less than they normally do. Some children may act out while others may become withdrawn and experience less enjoyment in activities they typically enjoy.

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