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Couples & Family

Couples $150 per hour
Families (3+) $200 per hour

We offer a sliding scale for payment. Please call for more information.
Couples Therapy

Confidential and Quality Care for Your Family

MarSell’s couples therapy is for couples who are in a relationship, married, engaged, or simply dating. It is sometimes referred to as marriage counseling. The goal of couples therapy is to improve the couples’ relationship in terms of communication and compatibility. This type of therapy can also help couples decide whether or not they should continue staying together. Although the focus of couples therapy is on the couple, there are times when the individual psychological issues of one or both parties need to be addressed.  These needs can be accommodated by an additional therapist to work individually with each person as well.​

Therapy often includes sessions designed to improve problem solving, build communication skills, and identify life goals and relationship responsibilities. Other common issues include, but not limited to the following:  communication challenges, infidelity (both physical and emotional), past hurts from unsuccessful relationships, financial problems, lack of support, illness and other life changes, as well as anger.  Depending on the level of distress in the relationship, therapy can be short term or over a period of several months.​


Family Therapy

MarSell’ approach to family therapy is a type of psychotherapy designed to identify family patterns that contribute to a behavior disorder or mental illness and help family members break those habits. Family therapy involves discussion and problem-solving sessions with the family. Some of these sessions may be as a group, in couples, or one on one. In family therapy, the web of interpersonal relationships is examined and, ideally, communication is strengthened within the family.

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